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Security & IT Management Services

At DOSS, we fully understand the dynamic environment of the interconnected world in which we live in; the ever-changing nature of vulnerabilities and the challenge of protecting data from advanced persistent threats. For years, we’ve been helping organizations meet their strategic goals. Through balanced insight DOSS brings strategies to deliver the right solutions to meet business requirements.


Our team of experts is ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future. Give us a call today to set up your first consultation.

We aim to PROTECT

Security for an Interconnected World

DOSS offers a top-down holistic approach to information security management through a comprehensive review of current processes, customized solutions and the assurance that the organization is in a position to maximize their IT investments like never before.


We support technological solutions with management policies, usage guidelines and integrate security standards across applications and communications platforms. We demonstrate knowledge and care in every project that we undertake, which in turn instills confidence in our performance with our clients. DOSS help clients overcome those unique challenges.

Offensive Security


DOSS recognizes the rapid evolution of cyber-threats are becoming more and more sophisticated which demands the integration of threat analysis in cyber strategies. We assist in threat and vulnerability recognition to effectively identify and mitigate against attacks with:

  • Incident Response Plans and Cyber Hunting

  • Penetration Testing & Social Engineering

  • Security Test & Evaluation

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

  • Cyber Threat Analysis and Monitoring

  • Situational Awareness and Training 

  • Disaster Recovery

Designers Working

IT Program Management


DOSS leadership principles are second to none.  We understand that fostering open communication is the cornerstone to our success.  Our managers define clear lines of authority, demand accountability, implement sound project management practices, and demonstrate uncompromising ethical standards to meet the demands of each project through:

  • Implementation & Operation of Client Services

  • Oversight for Information Security Solutions

  • Production Support & Quality Assurance


Defensive Security


DOSS understands the challenges our clients face daily with the ever-changing environment of Information Technology. We evaluate systems, uncover and remediate vulnerabilities, and ensure regulatory compliance and reporting.

  • Assessment & Authorizations

  • Continuous Monitoring & Ongoing Authorizations

  • Risk & Vulnerability Assessments 

  • FISMA Compliance & Reporting 

  • Cloud Management & Security

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IT Program MS
Offensive SS
Defensive SS

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